First Public Beta of iOS 16 Expected in July, Coinciding With The Third Developer Beta

At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple is expected to release the next major version of its mobile operating system iOS on the first day.

The rumor mill isn’t done giving us a taste of what may happen in the near future, however. For example, when the first public beta seed of iOS 16 is expected to arrive.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, public beta testers will be able to begin experimenting with the forthcoming iOS 16 version beginning in the month of July.

The third developer beta, which is likely to be released after developers have tested the beta software for a few weeks, will supposedly arrive at the same time as the upgrade.

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According to Apple’s tradition, the company normally releases a third developer beta of a new generation of iOS updates with the second developer beta, so public testing will begin later this year.

The first public beta of Apple’s next big iOS software update may take longer than normal, according to a recent tweet from Mark Gurman, even if nothing is official just yet. The first public beta for iOS’s next major update is usually released at the same time as the second developer beta if all goes well. However, this time around, things may be different.

For now, Gurman believes that the situation is still fluid and that the “current internal seeds are a bit buggy.” 

He says, “The public beta may be a little behind schedule if this all lines up. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see a delay to the software update itself, though.”

It makes sense to give Apple’s engineers more time to plan ahead. Even with iOS 16, there’s no need to hasten things. As a beta, the software is bound to be a little rough around the edges, especially with the first version of the software. In any case, it’s prudent to work out any issues before the prerelease software is made available to the general public.

ios 16
ios 16

As previously mentioned, According to Gurman, the public beta may be running behind schedule and the internal seeds are a “bit buggy” at the moment.

On Monday, June 6, the company is anticipated to unveil iOS 16 at its keynote event at WWDC, where it will be previewed for developers. For those who are interested, the software will be made available to download immediately following the keynote presentation.

Because the first betas are generally filled with flaws, Apple conducts months of beta testing before the updates are released to the public in September. Apple frequently advises that betas be loaded on a secondary device rather than the primary device because of the issues.

As of right now, we don’t know much about iOS 16, thanks to Apple’s tight-lipped approach and the dearth of leaks. In the near future, we may look forward to new features including notification updates, health app enhancements, and even the detection of vehicle collisions.

At the weekend, Gurman also said that Apple would bring “fresh Apple apps,” and new ways of interacting with the system, but it’s unclear what he meant by that.

In any event, things are still up in the air and we have to wait for more information.  In any case, we’re confident that we’ll see iOS 16 in the near future. And in early June, the next significant update will be available for testing by developers (and intrepid persons who aren’t developers).

Rumors About Upcoming iOS 16

There have been recent reports that iOS 16 will include significant enhancements to notifications and a new UI for iPadOS multitasking.

Apple has been working on providing more options for Focus Mode in iOS 16, according to MacRumors earlier this year.

WatchOS 9 will include “major upgrades to activity and health tracking,” according to another Gurman story. Most of the watch faces will also be changed to make use of the bigger screen on Apple Watch Series 7.

The online sessions at WWDC 2022 begin on June 6 and go through June 10. Visit Apple’s website for further information in this regard.

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