Is Morbius Available on Netflix? There Are Several Streaming Options Available

Morbius, a live-action spinoff from the Spider-Man universe, premieres this Friday. To compensate for the delays caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, an unprecedented number of theatrical films were released via streaming platforms at the same time they were released in theatres.

While HBO Max has become synonymous with same-day releases, other streaming services such as Netflix and Paramount Plus also have a history of same-day releases.

There has been some misguided hope among moviegoers because of the confusion around the practice of streaming movies the same day they are released in cinemas.

When a film debuts on the big screen, many people don’t know if it’s going to be available to stream at the same time or not.

However, on Friday, Morbius will be released solely in cinemas, with no way to watch it online via a subscription service.

Where Can We See Morbius?

Netflix will be the first place to stream Morbius. For all of its upcoming 2022 theatrical films, Sony has a partnership with Netflix under which the content will be available on Netflix before any other service or TV network.


Can We Stream It for ‘free’?

Nothing on Netflix can be accessed for free because it requires a Netflix subscription. Netflix, on the other hand, never charges extra to watch anything from its collection, and Morbius will be included in that as well.

When Will Morbius Be Available on Streaming Services?

Morbius has yet to receive a streaming confirmation from either Netflix or Sony. Netflix’s agreement with Sony, on the other hand, is referred to as a “pay-one window.”

In the past, movies have reached this point in their life cycle approximately six to nine months following their theatrical debut.

Sony and Netflix might release Morbius on Netflix somewhere between October and the end of this year if they stick to this schedule.

Spider-Man: No Way Home, Sony’s previous similar film to Morbius, is expected to begin streaming within six months, according to Deadline. However, it is unclear if Morbius will adhere to the same schedule.

Both Morbius and Spider-man: No Way Home Will Be on Netflix?

No Way Home, the latest Spider-Man film, will not be available on Netflix.

Sony is the distributor of both films, which take place in the same fictional universe. However, Netflix’s agreement to broadcast these movies begins with films released theatrically after 2022.

A deal between Sony and Starz ensured that No Way Home would premiere on the premium cable network before Netflix in the fall of 2021.

No Way Home would be available on Starz by the beginning of August if it were to be released for streaming in the six months.

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