Moroccan Footballer Divorce: After Split His Wife Found Out She Had Nothing

Moroccan football player Achraf Hakimi was making news across the globe when his wife discovered he owned nothing, despite earning millions of Euros playing for Paris Saint-Germain and the Moroccan national team.

This came to light during the divorce proceedings when his wife, Hiba Abouk, filed for separation and demanded half of the footballer’s assets.

She couldn’t believe her ears when she found that Hakimi, then 24 years old, had put his mother’s name on his accounts and often requested her to support him financially. His multimillion-dollar salary and the deeds to his residences, vehicles, clothing, and jewels were all in his mother’s name alone. Reportedly, most of his assets are registered to his mother.

Take a look at the below tweet provided relating to Moroccan Footballer divorce:

They began dating in 2018, married in 2020, and now have twins. She filed for divorce sometime in March of 2023. Even before hearing that he was being investigated for alleged rape in Paris, France, Hakimi’s marriage to the Spanish actress had been on the rocks for months.

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Others condemned Hakimi and his mother for the move, while others called him “smart” and a “living legend” for not having his riches recorded in his name. The most excellent African Footballer award should go to this man now. In Ugandan, Elijah Edwin said, “We are also working tirelessly to have him as the guest of honor in the next men’s conference.”

“They’re just married for 3 years and she wants half his property already. If they were married for 20 years she would have requested for his life alongside the entire properties. Black athletes should learn from this,” added Somto.

Achraf Hakimi is his name. Someone with an uncanny ability to see a liar a mile distant. A genuine hero, as declared by Gitonga Patrick2. Instead of checkers, they played chess. Belle Achieng congratulated the winners.

“This is not right. Yes, things may have happened that leads them to divorce. But she is a human being, who sacrificed 2yrs of her life with Hakimi. She gave him something everyone human being needs, companionship. She deserves to leave with something,” countered James Atite Sr.

Nabadda Sumayiya expressed concern that “marriage will lose value” if a woman stays in an unpleasant marriage for a long time without benefit.

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