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The startUp is growing to become one of the most popular series that has been dropped on Netflix. People who spent hours glued to their screen binge-watching the first three seasons are avidly waiting for StartUp Season 4 to get released on the streaming platform. With uncertainty clouding information regarding its release, it’s natural to grow restless and anxious for updates as a fan of the show. Fear not, for you will find in this article everything that has been announced so far regarding the show and its future.   

StartUp Season 4 Release date

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an official release date for the show’s fourth instalment. The reasons for the show’s delay have been attributed to the fact that the show is yet to be renewed for a new season. The exciting techno crime thriller series, which has 30 episodes on Netflix, has had its viewers hungry for more. There doesn’t seem to be much news or plans regarding StartUp Season 4. However, the fact that the show is topping the platform for streams may cause the creators to rethink and change their minds about it. Should the show get renewed, we might be looking at a tentative release date in either 2022 or 2023. 

About StartUp

StartUp is a techno crime thriller that is a Crackle Original Series. The show debuted in 2016 on Crackle streaming service and later launched on the Netflix streaming service as well. Since then,  it has gained the reputation of being the best-received and most popular show on Crackle. The show has 3 seasons, and each season has 10 exciting episodes that retell a unique and captivating story.

StartUp Plot – The story thus far…..

If you haven’t caught up on the show yet and are looking for a brief synopsis and recap of the incredible story of StartUp, we have put together an encapsulation of the story so far. 

StartUp was the masterpiece of Ben Kentai and retells the story of a hacker, desperate banker, and a gang leader. Together they come up with a brilliant and revolutionary idea of creating their own form of cryptocurrency, “Gencoin.” The story follows the tech idea being swarmed by controversy as it would technically enable anyone with a cellphone to have a bank account. The good intentions of building a platform to empower those lacking institutionalized currency have the downside of enabling organized crime and money launderers to use it as a goldmine for their illicit operations.  

StartUp Season 4
StartUp Season 4

Season 3 saw Nick Talman and Chandler be in search of funding for their tech company Araknet which eventually reached over 100 million followers. Their partner secretly deliberates the option of turning over his colleagues and returning to his world of organized crime. Meanwhile, different parties ensue in plots to get the better of the other. In the episode prior to the finale, Araknet experiences a software malfunction due to a virus that causes them to lose over 60 million followers. The finale sees an act of violence that results in the death of a major character. 

Season 4 will most probably revolve around the future endeavors of Araknet and GenCoin as the trio remain wary of the government threats that only would have gotten more prominent following the events of Season 3. If and when it hits our screens, we are in for a treat to witness Nick, Izzy and Ron resolve their financial problems and rebuild Araknet. 

StartUp Season 4 cast

StartUp has a stellar and star-studded lineup of a cast. It is their chemistry and seamless interactions that make the show stand out. Here is a list of some of the prominent cast members of StartUp:

  1. Martin Freeman
  2. Addison Timlin
  3. Mira Sorvino
  4. Ron Pearlman
  5. Otmarra Marrero
  6. Edi Gathegi
  7. Adam Brody
  8. Wayne Knight

Reviews of StartUp

StartUp is a critically acclaimed techno-crime drama that dropped on Netflix in May of 2021. It has a fantastic audience score on Rotten tomatoes which states that nearly 89% of viewers enjoyed the show. It is no wonder the discussions over StartUp Season 4 have been as intense as they have been. It truly is a series gem that keeps us invested and drawn to the characters and plotline. These reviews merely reinforce the need for a 4th season. 

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