Whitstable Pearl Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Whitstable Pearl Season 2: Given the show’s initial success, it comes as no surprise that Acorn TV has finally released Whitstable Pearl Season 2. The criminal drama set in Kent and adapted from Julie Wassmer’s bestselling novel The Whitstable Pearl Mysteries was an international smash hit that left viewers wanting for more. Also, we couldn’t be happier that Kerry Godliman, Howard Charles, and Frances Barber, the show’s three primary actors, will all be back for another season.

The Whitstable Pearl Season 2 is now available on Acorn TV for those of you who, like us, have finished the six-episode box set and are craving more of Kerry Godliman’s amateur sleuth Pearl and her team.

Having seen how well Whitstable Pearl has been received in so many countries, Julie Wassmer says, “I’m sure viewers will be as excited as I am to know the series is returning for a new season in which Pearl will be immersed in more crime, family drama, and a compelling will-they-won’t-they love affair – all set against the stunning backdrop of Whitstable’s mysterious coast, with a to-die-for cast who bring so much to every character.”

Whitstable Pearl Season 2 Release Date

On November 28, 2022, the second season of Whitstable Pearl premiered. The premiere of the series occurred exclusively on Acorn TV in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and North America. If you’re in the UK or the US, you can watch both seasons of Whitstable Pearl on Acorn TV. Visit www.acorn.tv or get the Acorn TV app for your preferred device to start your 30-day free trial and sign up for Acorn today. Whitstable Pearl is also available through Acorn TV on Amazon Prime.

Whitstable Pearl Season 2
Whitstable Pearl Season 2

Whitstable Pearl Season 2 Plot And Episode Guide

Episode 1

After six months, Pearl (Kerry Godliman) and Mike (Howard Charles) are simply friends. Mike’s newfound zest for life has brought him into contact with the cheerful, extroverted, everlasting optimist Kat. Tom, a supply teacher, has recently entered Pearl’s life, and he embodies the term “good guy.” Dan Tomlin, a former soldier in the area who has seen his kid disappear under mysterious circumstances, hires Pearl to investigate.

Episode 2

Mike, stuck in bed with a broken ankle, keeps an eye on his suspicious neighbour, who suffers from night terrors in Whitstable Pearl Season 2. Mike suspects some sort of foul activity and enlists Pearl’s assistance in his investigation. Neither of them is expecting to find a body, and when one does, it’s not the one they’re looking for.

Episode 3

Molly, who is despised by the residents of Whitstable, hires Pearl to help her sell the tavern her mother used to own to the highest bidder rather than giving it back to the community. Dead seagulls have begun showing up on Molly’s doorstep, and she’s been receiving anonymous, threatening notes. Now that Molly has had enough, she wants Pearl to investigate who is sending the notes and stop them. The bar is put up for sale and purchased by a Londoner who the next day is found dead on Whitstable Beach. Pearl and Mike put their heads together to figure out who did it.

Episode 4

Natalia, a housekeeper, hires Pearl because she is afraid for her boss’s safety. Natalia is concerned that Zelda St. John’s relatives would harm her because the 1970s movie legend Zelda St. John has amended her will and left the majority of her fortune to Natalia. Zelda is discovered at her house unconscious after being hit over the head with a croquet mallet. In this case, Natalia vanishes and is automatically considered guilty. Pearl has faith in Natalia and thinks her family has set her up.

Episode 5

Strange occurrences keep occurring in Dolly’s house in Whitstable Pearl Season 2, such as her shower being left on when she hasn’t used it, her money disappearing and then reappearing, and the radio is switched to the wrong station. Pearl, her daughter, is hired to do the investigation for her. Pearl is worried that her mother is exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, so she instals surveillance cameras in an attempt to reassure her.

Episode 6

Adnan and Laila get married under the dazzling lights of a neighbouring amusement park, and Pearl is in charge of catering. Pearl overhears tense talks among the groom’s guests as they mingle and senses a growing tension in the air. Pearl and Ruby slip away from the ceremony to have some fun in the hall of mirrors, where Pearl finds Laila dead. When suspicious texts are discovered on the groom’s phone, both he and his mother are taken into custody.

Whitstable Pearl Season 2 Cast

Kerry Godliman is playing Pearl again in Whitstable Pearl Season 2. “I’m excited to play Pearl for a second series,” Kerry tells. “She is such a deep character, and I love how much she cares about Whitstable, justice, oysters, and maybe even a certain DCI. Extremely excited!”

Mike McGuire’s police work on a few cases involves Pearl as well. Their competition fuels their intense desire for one another. Competing with one another causes tension and anger. Together, they form a formidable force. In the previous episode, Pearl requested some distance from Mike, and he walked and then drove away. And yet, despite the ups and downs of their romance that had us all captivated, Mike does return, this time portrayed by Howard Charles of The Musketeers.

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