Willie Garson’s Cause of Death Confirmed

Willie Garson, ‘S*x and the City’ actor recently died at the age of 57 at his home in Los Angeles. Willie Garson has been best known for his role as Carrie Bradshaw and has also been the con man Mozzie on ‘White Collar’. He has already proven his skills in more than 70 movies so far. He has been one of the most popular actors just because of his hit HBO series S*x and the City.

What happened to Willie Garson?

The official news of his death was confirmed by his son Nathen on a social media platform that is Instagram. His sister in law Nina Tassler has confirmed the reason for his death recently but earlier the reason for his death was not revealed and kept all the reasons confidential. Willie Garson died just because of pancreatic cancer at an early stage of his life which saddened the Hollywood industry as well as his millions of fans. However, the family members neither anyone else has confirmed nor revealed how long he has been struggling with this pancreatic cancer.

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The actor was probably best known for his Stanford “Stanny” Blatch, the best friend of Carrie. While the role of the actor was limited in terms of appearance where he made special thanks and got stuck with friends but his face somewhat became familiar just because of numerous other roles in television and movies.

Willie Garson’s last appearance

The actor’s career has spanned for only four decades where he did his roles perfectly. The latest films in which he has appeared are “Big Mouth” and “SuperGirl”. In both films, he had been impressive and his roles in the films were loved by millions of fans. With such a long career he managed to get the favorite roles demanded by his fans and no wonder that being an impressive actor he has lucrative net worth as well. In the below section we have shared all the details regarding the celebrity’s net worth. Continue reading to know more about it. 

Willie Garson
Willie Garson

Willie Garson’s net worth revealed

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Garson’s worth is approximately $ 10 million. This estimated amount after his death does not just cover only his most notable roles on television and films but also takes his impressive longevity into account. So far he has done tons of roles in films and other television shows like “White Collar”, “Hawaii 5-0” and many others which helped in increasing his net worth. The series S*x and the City was a success on the box office and it is still making $418 worldwide and his consistent work and roles in the movie have left behind a massive net worth.

Lists of some very popular filmography of Willie Garson

  • The Price of Life as a Father
  • Across the Tracks as a Salesman
  • The Tie that Binds as a Ray Tanton
  • Big Mouth as a Various Voices
  • Salvation as a Dr. Carson
  • The Mysteries of Laura as a George Tillie
  • White Collar as a  Mozie
  • Whole Day Down as a Willie
  • S*x and the City as a Stanford Blatch

A special tribute to Willie Garson

The tribute began to flow on social media as news of his death broke out. After hearing the news of one of the most famous actor Willie Garson’s death many of his past and present co-stars paid tribute to him like former actress Kim Cattrall of the film ‘S*x and the City’ and returning cast members like Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Mario Cantone, Chris Noth, Sarah Jessica Parker who always remained close to Willie. Many of the actors said that he and his work are unforgettable and he will be remembered in the hearts of millions. Many of his co-stars are still struggling to believe the news of his death.

What did the family members say?

Garson was a vocal advocate for adoption. His son Nathen, whom he adopted in 2009, was saddened with the news of his father’s death. On Instagram, he wrote, “I love you so much, papa”. Rest in peace and I am so glad you got to share all your adventures with me and were able to accomplish so much. I am so proud of you, you will always be with me and I am glad that you can be at peace now. You have always been one of the funniest, toughest, and the smartest people I have known and I love you more than you ever know.

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Seinfeld star Jason Alexander called him “a dear, funny, kind man and delightful actor for all the time. All the family members and his past and present co-stars are very sad with this news. Hoping they all will recover from this at the earliest. Willie Garson will always be remembered for all his contributions to the films or the television show where he has been tremendous in all his roles. Our feelings and blessings are with his family members and friends.

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