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The UFO community is not one big group. There are two big groups of people who believe that E.T. is coming to earth, and they don’t agree on why, Alien Endgame

First, some think aliens are our brothers and sisters from space. This line of thought took off in the 1950s when a lot of people said they had talked to UFOs. This group thinks that alien races have come to Earth to help people. They think that aliens are wise beings who are here to stop nuclear war, cure cancer, and get us off fossil fuels.

Then there are the people who say that UFOs are a threat. These people say that aliens are here to hurt our cattle, take people who don’t want to be taken, and steal our natural resources. From their point of view, we are just starting an invasion.

Both of these ideas are just ideas. No one has proof that can’t be argued with for either claim. But because the thing is so strange, there are plenty of chances for believers on both sides to show what they think.

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Alien Endgame is all about how aliens are a threat.

At the beginning of the documentary, people are asked if they’re ready for a “war of the worlds,” and then it’s said that we’re in the middle of an alien cold war.

Even though Alien Endgame drops this explosive claim, it’s not as crazy as other investigative documentaries in the same genre.

Alien Endgame makes a lot of big claims, but it tries (mostly) well to back them up with well-researched cases and interviews with people who know what they are talking about.

Alien Endgame
Alien Endgame

In the documentary, “government insider” Rich Emberlin is the subject of an investigation. Emberlin worked for the CIA, FBI, and Secret Service for 30 years as a police officer. He thinks there is a military cover-up going on right now. The movie follows him as he tries to find “the government’s greatest secret” and tell the world about it.

You might ask, “What is that secret?” Why do aliens keep an eye on our military, and is our planet in danger?

Emberlin goes all over the U.S. to talk to people who have amazing UFO stories. People like Mario Woods, who used to be a security officer in the Air Force. In the late 1970s, Woods was in charge of security at a place where nuclear missiles were launched.

On a fateful night, Woods and his partner went to a nearby facility to look into an alert. The men saw a huge glowing sphere floating above a missile silo. Woods says it was about 100 feet tall and had a diameter of several hundred feet. He also says he could feel the heat coming off of it.

Woods starts crying as he talks about the strange turn of events. Even though Woods can talk about what happened now, it took a hypnotist to help him remember the bad things that happened that night.

Woods lays out on the hypnotist’s couch like he’s making a snow angel. His voice shakes and his body shakes, and it’s hard not to feel sorry for him.

Woods remembers that “long-headed beings with eyes that looked right through him” took him aboard a ship. He remembers being split up from his partner and getting a physical checkup from people who were not kind or good. He says that these beings are still doing whatever it is they are doing.

It tells more stories like Woods’s, about attacks on nuclear sites, dog fights between fighter planes, and meetings with USOs (unidentified submerged objects). There are a lot of trustworthy people in the movie, like former military members and CIA agents.

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Nick Pope and Jeremy McGowan are names you might know if you use UFO Twitter. Michio Kaku also seems to be in a lot of UFO documentaries. The theoretical physicist comes to talk about UFOs after his enthusiastic performance in Caroline Cory’s A Tear in the Sky. It’s about time that a person of his stature joined the discussion. Kaku says with great excitement that the burden of proof has moved from believers to scientists.

It makes the UFO mystery into a big deal to create drama, just like Fox News makes up a “crisis of the week” to scare people into watching in a panic.

If you watch Alien Endgame for what it is, a 90-minute documentary, it is a memorable way to learn and have fun.

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