Star Wars’ Female Darth Vader Just Remixed the Death Star – With A Dark Twist

In Marvel’s Star Wars #23, the female version of Darth Vader gave the famous Death Star attack an even darker twist by remixing it.

The Death Star has always been a scary idea in the Star Wars universe. In Star Wars: A New Hope, to destroy Alderaan, which scared moviegoers. In Return of the Jedi, it was brought back to kill more rebels. It has become such a well-known weapon in pop culture that the latest three movies in the series were still influenced by it.

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The Death Star is one of the most terrifying weapons of mass destruction in movies. Rogue One shows how the rebels got the plans for Luke Skywalker to destroy the first Death Star. As Marvel’s Star Wars series continues to tell the backstory of the war right before The Empire Strikes Back, fans learned that the franchise’s female Darth Vader remixed the Death Star’s most famous attack and gave it a brutally dark twist.

Princess Leia’s rebel fleet is attacked in Star Wars #23 by Charles Soule, Ramon Rosanas, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Clayton Cowles.

Death star
Death star

Zahra’s huge Star Destroyer, Tarkin’s Will, arrived in Panisia’s orbit and blocked the fleet. Instead of shooting them down, she had a strange plan for the camp on the planet. She shot down her flagship,

when the rebels came after her, she used ionized cannons to stop their systems from working.

Since they couldn’t fly or fight back, Zahra used them as bombs and dropped them like destructive meteors on Panisia’s surface.

Zahra came up with and put into action her brutal plan quickly, which impressed the Imperial troops. What made this worse than just using the Death Star to destroy the planet was that Leia and her troops on the planet below had to make the horrible choice of either shooting down their allies to limit damage or evacuating the rebel bases and letting the rebels fall to their deaths. In either case, a lot of their friends would die.

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This also gave Zahra a chance to enjoy all the pain she caused her enemies.

The evil woman used her ship’s thrusters to set fire to a rebel base, killing even more people. This lets Zahra bask in the glory of the destruction and know how hard her actions were on Leia and the rebels’ minds, just like Vader did when he destroyed Alderaan.

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