MCU Announced a New Spinoff Series on Alligator Loki

After appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Loki series on Disney+ last year, the alligator Loki has found a new gig as the star of his own comic book.

Alligator Loki
Alligator Loki

The first issue of a new 12-issue Alligator Loki series is now available only on the Marvel Unlimited app. Asgard’s favorite reptile has made his Infinity Comic debut.

Alyssa Wong wrote the comic, with art by Robert Quinn and colors by Pete Pantazis. As of this writing, the first issue is out, and new chapters will be released every other Friday.

“For his entire life, Thor has only known one brother, Loki. Known to all as conniving, sneaky, and cunning! But a new Loki is ready to take his place. He may be smaller, he may be cuter, and… an alligator?! But don’t be deceived, Alligator Loki is just as wily as his human counterpart, and he is ready to cause trouble,” according to the comic series.

“Family Bonding,” the opening issue of the series, features Loki and Thor frolicking around an Asgardian amusement park as they get to know each other. Thor appears in the park with the reptilian God of Mischief in a wrap sling as he explores the various rides and meal options available.

It was last year that Alligator Loki first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as part of the Disney+ Loki series. He first appeared briefly in Episode 4 of “The Nexus Event,” before making a more substantial cameo in Episode 5.

The episode also had plans for a larger cameo from an unexpected figure, but who knows what may happen in future episodes..?

Loki Season 2

It was revealed that Loki would be returning for a second season via a mid-credits sequence from the previous season, in which a close-up of TVA paperwork featured the words “Loki will return for Season 2.”

WandaVision was the first of Marvel’s Disney+ programs to announce a second season, although The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was promoted as an ongoing series. WandaVision is unlikely to return.

Despite the fact that Loki Season 2 hasn’t been released yet, it’s possible that Disney+ already has Ms. Marvel, Secret Invasion, and other Marvel series on its schedule.

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