Good News for The Anime Fans as The SacAnime Swap-Meet is Not Postponed

This SacAnime has made the internet divided, as they will utilize the Placer’s main county-run vaccination center for this Anime convention. And for that purpose, it will be closed for two days, on the 1st and 2nd of April. Whereas the would-be recipients of the vaccine didn’t like this delay, the Anime fans have to face the backlash.

Public’s Point of View on This Convention Happening at The Vaccination Site

Some people find that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine injecting process is smooth and efficient at the Placer County grounds. They said that the area is very suitable for a process like a vaccine injection because it has a huge space, and they do not have to wait for more than 15 minutes. But as the Anime Swap-meet is happening at the same place, then the crowd will make it difficult for the people who want to get vaccinated. 

On the other hand, where some people say that getting a vaccination is more important. Meanwhile, some people support the Anime fans and say that it’s okay as we have other places, and postpone a special event like this makes sense.

We Have Offered to Postpone the Event, but Faced Denial: Said by the Anime Event Director

According to the reports, SacAnime has offered to let the vaccinations continue. But it was declined by the authorities as the event managers have planned and booked the venue since the mid of last year. Furthermore, they said that the event would be under the complete application of SOPs. The fans are obliged to wear masks and maintain distance. As they have only 25% of the space, they will ask the visitors to enjoy themselves outside.

The Convention Director, Alex Arevalos, has said that we have also asked the authorities to keep the site open until Friday, but that is not in our hands.

Timings of the Vaccination Site Have Been Increased 

Officials of the Placer County’s Health Care department said that the individuals who want to get the vaccine do not have to stress or worry, as the majority of the people had had their first dose of vaccine. Around 4800 individuals have had their first dose of the vaccine, and approximately 550 are registered to have their first dose. Although to be on the safer side, the site’s timings have also been extended from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Monday through Wednesday. Thus, they can have enough people on board.
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