The Batman’s ‘Triggering’ Subway Attack on an Asian Victim Scene Is a Source of Controversy

As Batman rises at the box office around the world, one of the film’s scenes has come under fire for being too sensitive. The Robert Pattinson-led film has just premiered and has already grossed over $270 million globally at the box office. Critics and audiences alike were raving about the film when it premiered.

Fans of the Dark Knight are fighting about which is the better version of the vigilante after the release of the DC film. Rob has already risen to the top of the ranks and is quickly becoming the new favorite of many fans, despite his limited screen time.

The Scene Which Raised the Controversy

There has been some controversy around The Batman, despite all of the love and applause. When an Asian man gets off the subway and is pursued by thugs in masks, the scenario is set up to be investigated for possible violence.

As the vigilante continued to beat and frighten the men away, it is clear that the Asian man is also afraid of him despite his compassionate savior persona.

The Batman

Also, Robert Pattinson says, “I’m vengeance” in this sequence. Asian Americans were offended by this image, because it depicted a time of greater violence towards their community, according to the survey. There are some who are offended by this scenario even if the purpose was not racially motivated.

According to some critics, the sequence is “trigger-inducing.” It was a good two-hour movie within a bad three-hour movie.

If you’re Asian American, the first 10 minutes, in which a group of metro thugs brutally beats an Asian American man on the platform, will be especially upsetting, according to one Twitter user who criticized the film.

Critics weren’t the only ones who found the scenario tawdry; many others did, too. In addition, a number of other persons expressed their thoughts on the matter on social media.

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Final Lines

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