The Family Plan Release Date: Is There a Trailer for the Family Plan?

An ordinary parent from the suburbs whose mistakes finally catch up with him in The Family Plan. Played by Mark Wahlberg, Dan Morgan savors life in the suburbs with his family—wife Maggie (Michelle Monaghan), their three children (a daughter, a boy, and a baby).

Dan used to be a top-tier assassin, but his family had no idea! Going on the run becomes his only option as his former adversaries decide to pursue him. Dan, fearful for his family’s safety, decides to take an unplanned road trip to Sin City in their minivan. However, will his true identity be exposed if he uses his long-secret abilities?

Read on for all the info you require regarding the film The Family Plan, which is available on Apple TV Plus…

The Family Plan Release Date

Friday, December 15, 2023 is the official release date for The Family Plan. Only Apple TV+ subscribers will have access to the Family Plan. Apple TV+ is available for $9.99/month with a free 7-day trial for anyone who wants to catch Mark Wahlberg’s next film but doesn’t yet have a subscription.

Who is in the Cast of The Family Plan?

Who is in the Cast of The Family Plan

This Simon Cellan Jones–and David Coggeshall–created Apple Original Film will premiere on Apple TV+ on December 15. Michelle Monaghan plays the role of Dan Morgan’s wife, and Mark Wahlberg (who is also the film’s producer) stars as Dan. Saïd Taghmaoui, Maggie Q, and Ciarán Hinds round up the cast, while Zoe Colletti and Van Crosby portray their children.

Is There a Trailer for the Family Plan?

The Family Plan does, in fact, have a trailer. As Dan tells his wife, “Nothing brings the family together like a road trip,” he takes his family on a wild adventure to Sin City after facing an old nemesis.

However, he quickly learns that peril will pursue him wherever he goes. Additionally, he is aware that “to be that guy one more time” is his one option for safeguarding his family. Check out what’s happening down below…

The Family Plan Plot

The role Wahlberg portrays is that of an apparently carefree suburban father raising three children, one of which is a baby. A acquaintance overhears his wife bemoaning the fact that “Dan, my husband is an amazing dad” in the preview. Our lives could have been so much more. Mama, be wary of your desires; you’re about to go on an adventure of a lifetime!

Dan was an elite government assassin before he and her got married, but she had no idea. When his former adversaries track him down and exact their vengeance, he employs his “very special set of skills” in an unexpected setting, such as a grocery store. Dan feels his family is in danger and that it’s time to go on a road trip when he dispatches a would-be killer in aisle three while still strapping his toddler to his chest.

Dan assures his grumpy teens they’re going to have a fantastic time as the complete team boards the minivan for Las Vegas. Along the way, he manages more dangerous assassins while simultaneously maintaining his family’s perception of him.

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