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Welcome back Fam! Today we are here discussing this famous series which took almost 7 years to be developed and is finally back with us.  The Halo TV series is finally going to be back on Paramount+ after such a long time.  The streaming service has recently shared a new teaser trailer for the video game adaptation of this series.

It was released on 30th January and it also shared that the Halo series is going to be announcing the release date in a few weeks.  So we have gathered everything you need to know about this upcoming series.  Keep on reading further to know everything about the release date, cast, and trailer of the show.

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‘Halo’ TV Series Release Date

Recently the new trailer for this series was released during the AFC game championship of 2022.  In this game, they have shared the release date for the Halo series. This series is going to be out on 24th March 2022.  All the fans who have waited so many years for this series would be very much excited to see that this series is less than a few months away.

As of now, we are not sure about the number of episodes Paramount+ is going to have for this TV series. Other than that we are also not sure how the episodes would be released. If it would be weekly or on at once.  If there is any update by the makers we will update our column for you. 

‘Halo’ TV Series Trailer

The recent trailer that was released for the show, showed us a slow version of Philip Collins’s” In the Air Tonight”. This series has introduced fans to the main character of the show that is Master Chief along with his AI assistant, Cortana. This action-packed trailer has also shared a clip about the battle with the devil Covenant and also shared Master Chief’s actual mission to win this battle.

Halo TV Series
Halo TV Series

Halo TV Series Cast

The main character of the show is Master Chief played by Pablo Schreiber. Meanwhile, Cortana is played by Jen Taylor. He is the same actor who had also been the voice actor for the Halo video game.

Other than the above-mentioned characters, there are a lot of characters from the video game which would be present in this TV series as well. For example, the scientist Dr. Catherine Halsey played by Natascha McElhone will be present in the series. Some other new faces would also be present in the show such as Kwan Ha Boo (by Yerin Ha).

Below mentioned is the list of characters that will be present in the show:

  • Soren-066( by Bokeem Woodbine )
  • Admiral Margaret Parangosky( by Shabana Azmi )
  • Dr. Miranda Keyes( by Olive Gray)
  • Captain Jacob Keyes( by Danny Sapani)
  • Kai-125( by Kate Kennedy)
  • Riz-028( by Natasha Culzac)
  • Vannak-134( by Bentley Kalu )
  • Makee( by Charlie Murphy )

Halo TV Series Plot

As shared by Paramount+’s official synopsis the show will be following the storyline of the 26th-century conflict between the human and an alien which is known as the Covenant.

As the series contains a lot of Halo characters it is going to stay true to its actual storyline of the video game.  This story is not going to adapt any other storyline other than the original story it has.

This series is also going to follow the Silver timeline for this upcoming series.  As per the blog post, this adaptation is going to be delivered in accordance with the events that will differ in the timeline from the video game.

The blog post read that the Halo series is going to adapt the simplicity, integrity, and future of the actual storyline they worked upon.  However, they are also going to explore new mediums and processes for the production of the series. As a result to which they have decided to keep the television series very authentic and independent of its timeline.

Until any further updates Stay Tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and favorite characters.

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